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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions about TDBS but dont have the time right now to call us, then why not browse our FAQ's below.  Questions we most frequently get asked or shown below with simple answers.  If you dont find what you are looking for then please call one of our team who will be more than happy to assist you with your questions.


  •  Is there a limit to the amount of support we can get each month?
    There are no limits to IT support, you recieve unlimited phone, remote and onsite support as part of your contract.

  • Am I Tied into a contract once a sign up?
    At TDBS we believe we give the highest level of support and never want to lose a business.  If you are truely unhappy with your support and after talking to our team we cannot rectify the issue, then TDBS will end the contract at the end of the latest support payment term.

  • Can anybody from our company raise a ticket with TDBS?
    At the start of a contract, TDBS will setup your customer portal which you have full access to.  We will qualify who is the main contact(s) onsite and who is allowed to raise tickets with us.  If you want your whole company to be able to do this, that is fine with us.

  • Can we see what tickets have been raised?
    Our support software allows you to log into your portal and view all tickets raised and closed.  If requested we can also send scheduled reports detailing all tickets.

  • Do you provide out of hours support?
    Out of hours support is available on request either via our extended hours contract or via one off agreements.

  • Do I need a contract to get support?
    No, TDBS can provide support via an hourly charge or agreed rate.  It is, however, much cheaper to take out a contract.

  • How do you take payment?
    Payment is taken via standing order or bacs at the beginning of the support period commencing.

  • What are your payment terms?
    Payments terms are agreed during initial contract discussions.

  • Im keen to move provider but i dont know what to do?
    As part of the process TDBS will give you all the infomation you need to obtain from your provider.  All they ned to do is fill in the details and we will ensure we have all details that we require to support your company.

  • We dont have anyone in the company that understands 'IT jargon'
    At TDBS we dont talk in tech, we explain everything in simple terms.  We want you to understand what we do and how we do it.  you dont need to know your megabytes from gigabytes, we will do that for you.