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Threat Security Solutions


One of the most common problems for computer users, whether you are a business or home user, is spam and virus attacks. So what can you do about it?  At TDBS we are happy to be partners with security product suppliers to allow us to help you combat threats.

When it comes to virus prevention and treatment, we can ensure you get the latest product to fight against threats to your systems.  As a reseller of ThreatTrack security products we can supply and install a range of security products proven to protect you when you need it most.

Spam emails are evolving all the time. It's important to have an anti-spam solution that evolves with the threats. TDBS can supply a wide range of onsite and offsite based filters that are easily managed for any size network.  By efficiently filtering email, your business can spend less time looking for real emails and more time responding to the ones that count



For more details on our security bundles, please contact TDBS on 01384 913613