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Network Security and Firewalls 


One of the most overlooked areas of a network is the firewall.  Many threats to a business come from unsecured networks.  At TDBS we supply and install only the highest levels of firewall to ensure that your network is protected from attacks.  Most modern firewalls now come with advanced features which further protect your business while giving you value for money from the product.  Features available can be:-

- Network Monitoring
- Spam blocking
- Web Monitoring
- Web blocking
- Intrusion defence
- Malware detection

Building these services into your network can increase the security and reduce the risk from web based attacks
When it comes to the internal network of your business, why not consider managed switches as the backbone of your network.  Managed switches allow you to control port usage, bandwidth and segregate network access to features and hardware via VLAN setup.  Take your network control to the next level and ensure your network is protected both internally and externally.
Not sure if your current setup is giving you the protection you need?  Why not give us a call and we can schedule a short network assessment as part of our consultancy options.



For more details on our firewall and security options please contact us on 01384 913613 or use our web contact form.