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Web Monitoring and Control


With the internet geting faster and easier to access, it is difficult for a business to control the usage that network users have.  As social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin grow in popularity, so too does the urge to visit them.

So what can a business do?  An internet usage policy in the employee handbook should always exist but do people follow the rules?  Generally, the answer is no. With smart phones on networks being more common, the network users machine may have no trace of social media or "non-work" related browsing as its all done on personal devices connected to your business network.

TDBS can supply solutions that monitor and block usage not accepted under your businesses specified policy.  We can set up monitoring, blocking and reporting allowing you to see in real time, the browsing behaviour of your network users.  Some of these features come as part of our firewall security bundles, giving you cost effective protection and providing a full range of security to your network.



For more details on network monitoring and filtering please call 01384 913613 where one of our security experts will be happy to help.