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Backup and Disaster Recovery


Failure to backup or adequatly protect your business can be costly when a network failure occurs.  With the recent cryptolocker virus, many businesses have been left with no data after failing to keep upto date backups of their files. 

At TDBS we can provide a vast array of backup and recovery tools.  We carefully select the product that fits your businesses needs based on cost, servers and software used on site.  As part of of continued commitment to our customers, we pro-activly monitor your backups and networks to ensure that you are fully protected, and when there is a problem, we will aim to resolve it swiftly. 

TDBS offer both onsite and offsite backups.  We reccomend a combination of the two systems to ensure your business is fully covered in the event of a problem.  We know it can be costly to get hosted server backups which is why TDBS are partnered with Mitol to provide a very cost effective cloud backup solutions for our customers.  With leading technology and long backup life we can ensire your business is protected.

If your site is virtualised then backing up your system has never been easier.  Our engineers are virtualisation experts and when it comes to backup and recovery we wil ensure the solutions suits your budget and system needs.






If you want more information on backup solutions please contact TDBS who will advise you on the best solution for your business.