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Many businesses today are running multiple server or adding servers to existing infrastructure.  As more is added, the costs of running and implementation increases.

With virtualisation, you have the ability to decrease the hardware footprint which reduces the costs, while allowing you to increase and load balance the performance requirements of the networks.  An example of this would be to install one high powered server and virtualise four servers rather than having four new physical servers.

Virtualisation is not just a simple consolidation of servers, it has the ability to allow replication of servers to remote hosts.  With replication taking place in real time or scheduled times, you can move to your backup servers when maintenance is required,  when a server fails or to test updates prior to a 'go live'.  Virtual server backups give the fastest recovery times from mounting backup image to restoring entire servers in far less time than other backup types on physical servers.

At TDBS we will work with you to find the best system setup, design and implement and give you a full understanding of how your new system works.



For more details on virtualisation and the benefits, please call 01384 913613 and speak to one of our advisors.