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Virus's and Malware


Virus's and malware are a major threat to businesses and their networks.  It only takes an unprotected network device to get infected for the business to be left with serious problems.  Its critical that a business has adequate protection in the network covering both firewalls (hardware and machine based) and virus protection which includes web based filtering if possible.
At TDBS we know that sometimes virus's get through, and were are here to help you get adequate protection on your network and be proactive in keeping one step ahead when ever possible from threats.  If you are a customer of TDBS with a maintenance contract you will benefit from our assitance in keeping on top of your antivirus protection and getting the help and support required if and when you do get an infected network.

There are a number of simple steps that a PC or laptop user can take to minimise the risk of virus and malware infections:- 

  • Set windows update to download windows updates automatically ensuring your device is up to date
  • Check you have the latest version of your antivirus and that the definitions are updated and regular checks are scheduled
  • If you antivirus does not have a built in firewall, turn on windows firewall protection
  • Think before opeing attachments in emails.  Most virus's come in from email pretending to be from legitimate companies such as HMRC, DVLA, DHL and banks
  • Ensure you have good backups of all critical files as you may not get them back if they get infected

What about if your device is infected?  The good news is if your a TDBS IT support customer we will sort it out for you at no cost.  If you are not a customer of TDBS then dont panic, we can still help.  TDBS can provide an engineer to your site or on a remote support basis at a fixed price agreed after a free initial check.  If you would rather attempt to fix the problem yourself then there is a number of excellent products on the market to remove malware and virus's.  As with all removal tools, there is a risk of permanent damage to files so an adequate backup of the device and files is reccomended prior to performing any fixes.  TDBS reccomend removing the device off the internet and any networks immediatley when an infection has been identified.
The following programs are available for free for personal use, terms and conditions apply for business use.  TDBS take no responsibilty what so ever from using these programs and in no way endorse these products. TDBS reccomend using an IT professional to remove infections from devices.

Super Antispyware



If you are unsure about whether your business is adequatly protected and would like a visit from TDBS then please call us on 01384 913613 or use the 'Contact US' page to send us details and we will get back to you.